Silver Creative


As a writer, I take a very visual approach to my work, usually starting off with some rough scamps or scribbling down a few ideas. Whatever the concept, whether it's a press ad or radio or TV commercial, I like to keep the message simple, get the prospect involved, make them curious and encourage them to act.

Clear objectives should drive the planning, creation, and execution of each and every advertisement. An ad is great to the extent that it achieves its objectives, not because it wins awards.

Creativity for its own sake does not always lead to great advertising ... while a focus on achieving the desired results does.

(And despite what I've just said, I've also won a whole bunch of awards ... sorry.)

Recent Projects

Modec Vehicles - Convincing white van man that a clean electric vehicle will do the same job as a Transit was never going to be easy. But by targeting the market with the right message, people all over the UK and Europe can breathe a little easier.

Gloucester Quays - Could there be a worse time to open a new shopping centre than in the middle of a recession? But with some TV, radio and heaps of signage the place was packed on the opening weekend and has been every day since.

Road Safety - What’s worse than death for a young driver? Being un-cool. The 'Mum's Taxi' campaign showing young people being driven around by their Mum after losing their licences helped reduce road deaths amongst 18-24 year olds.